Wall Street journal: Ambitious women bingo

Pushy. Bossy. Bitchy. What they meant to say is “Ambitious”. International Women’s Day was the perfect day to call that out. Given that the Wall Street Journal’s slogan is, “Read Ambitiously”, we wanted to create a campaign urging women to reclaim the word “Ambitious”. To do this, we exposed the words that ambitious women are often called throughout their career. Spoiler alert: they’re not flattering words. However, there’s a disclaimer… this idea ended up getting killed before it could live, hence the password protection.


In the paper – print + digital


Instagram Stories

Instagram stories allow people to fill in quizzes. We created an Ambitious Women Bingo that capitalizes on this feature… Any woman can screenshot, fill in words they’ve heard, and share it with their own Instagram followers.


direct mail

We created a direct mail piece to send to women. The direct mail includes the bingo board as well as a bingo stamping pen.


Direct message

We wanted to find ambitious and successful women on Instagram and direct message them with our bingo game. The hope was that they’d take our bingo and post it on their own social media accounts.




Creative Directors - Michael Ashton, Natasha Maasri

Art Director - Cooper Ferrario

Writer - Caroline Moreton