Guerilla Nudge Post 2

The last post about the guerrilla nudge project talked about how I felt about the over all project. Now I'm going to talk about my group's project. 

Our inspiration came when we realized that people walked on both sides of staircases, which creates traffic and congestion. We wanted to streamline the movement up and down staircases by urging everyone to walk on the righthand side. This problem was especially noticeable in the PHC because of the huge volume of people constantly walking up and down the stairs on the way to or from dinner. 

To "nudge" them to walk on the right side, we created signs pointing which side someone should walk on if he or she is going up the stairs vs. which side he or she should walk on to go down the stairs. Our signs were incredibly simple. They were black and white with an arrow pointing to the side and the word "Up" or "Down." We decided that the best way to communicate our message was through a simple and easy to read sign. 

Overall, we didn't see a huge change. We did see a minor increase in the number of people that walk on the right instead of the left, so it was somewhat successful. But the change wasn't dramatic like we'd hoped.