Guerilla Nudge Post 1

The guerrilla nudge assignment was a really interesting project for me. I like both psychology and design (though in a way, the two are very intertwined), so a project that combined the two was right up my alley. Side note: I am an advertising student (creative advertising, specifically, which is a major that doesn't actually exist - I'm in the B.U.S. program so I designed my own major.) Because I am studying advertising and am a total ad nerd, my entire career will be based on influencing people's behaviors through methods similar to what we used in this project. In other words, a good portion of my life will be spent doing variations of the nudge project. 

It's interesting for me to think about what influences behaviors and the small ways we can affect change, through signs or wording. The lessons we learned from this project can be applied to more dramatic changes, like making people want certain products. 

I also enjoyed this project because while it was happening, I could walk through campus and identify other projects. I felt like I was in on some secret or inside joke that other people didn't know about. For example, there were signs around the union staircases that said "watch the steps, not your phone." And there was a sign in the business school that urged people to take the stairs. (I can't remember what the sign said, but I think it was along the lines of "I'm going to be healthy and take the elevator, said no one ever.")