Project Discovery Post 5

Now, I want to talk about our Project Discovery presentation. 

I think overall the presentation went well. It was a little worrying that we were critiquing a program that one of the judges was in charge of, but she seemed to agree with all the problems that we presented. 

I feel like everyone in the group adequately prepared to read the slide they were assigned - there were 5 slides and 5 people so each person was assigned a slide. Everyone seemed to feel comfortable with the slide they were assigned and spoke confidently. 

The feedback we got from the two judges are this: 

- Overall, we identified a good problem

- However, the solution we came up with (to create a canvas page) is a band-aid solution. How do we get the students who don't use canvas to use it? Any professor would agree that canvas doesn't have a 100% usage rate.

My response to that last critique was mentioned in my last post: we can't force a student to use canvas, that's agreed. But you also can't make a student come to class - does that mean we should cancel all class? Surely no class has a 100% attendance rate. You can only provide resources to the students and hope they take advantage. 

Other than that, I think our presentation went well. Also, it was really nice that we were one of the first groups to go - it's was nice that we were able to get it out of the way so we could sit back and relax, watching the other groups present.