Project Discovery Post 2

In my last post, I talked about my personal experience with general education requirements. In this post, I want to talk about my group's experience. 

When we were first divided into groups, we all met and introduced ourselves. We talked about what year we all are in school and what our majors are. There are three freshman and two seniors, a nice divide because that means that about half of us have a lot of experience with general education and half of us are just starting out. We then decided to hone in on what problems we identified with the general education requirements. 

After talking, we realized that two of the students in the group are part of Freshman programs, LEAP and Block U designed to knock out your requirements in the first year of school. Their experience with this was for the most part negative, which is unfortunate because it sounds like a really smart way to start your college experience. 

What specifically bugged these students was that it felt like there was a general lack of focus within these programs and that there was little to no guidance to help them navigate through their first year. It seemed to them that the program was designed to look good from the outside without anyone caring how it really worked once you got into the program. After discussing this, we decided that our project should focus on creating a program similar to this, but one that works really well. 



 This is a paper that students were handed out, outlining the Block U program.

This is a paper that students were handed out, outlining the Block U program.