Project Discovery Post 1

When we were first presented with the two projects, I knew immediately that I wanted to do Project Discovery. I'm a senior and graduating this Spring, so I have experience in the general education requirements. I understand and appreciate the reasons for having general education requirements, but there are a lot of things that I'd change about the University of Utah's specific requirements and programs. When project: Discovery was presented as an option, I knew immediately that it's what I wanted to work on. Getting a shot at changing and improving the university's requirements was an exciting thing for me. 

I'll get into the specifics of my team's project in the next post, but I want to use this post to talk about some issues I see with our general education requirements and my experience with the College of Undergraduate Studies.

But first, I want to say that I absolutely love that college. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Undergraduate Studies degree, which means that I don't have a major that already exists. I created my own. The program to build your own major is such a cool program and absolutely changed my college experience. It made me excited about school. I felt like if everyone knew something like this exists, they'd do it. And I felt that the personalization should be applied to general education requirements. 

Once I focused in on what I wanted to do professionally, it was easy for me to choose general education requirements that could also be part of the major that I was building. However, I'd already taken so many that I felt I'd wasted the early years of my college experience because I'd taken credits that I could've doubled up on. I wished that I'd known earlier what I was interested in, or waited to take a few general education requirements until later.