Design Kit Presentation Review: Draw It

There were a lot of really interesting Design Kit presentations. My favorite however was the presentation on the "draw it" method. 

So often, it can be difficult to decipher what exactly a client wants. I work at a student advertising agency (called The Adthing) and this is an issue we frequently run into when asked to do a logo or even when putting together print ads. Clients usually have a clear picture of what they want from you. They describe as best they can what it is they're looking for. Then they reject all of the solutions you bring because it didn't fit what they want. Drawing the idea that they had in mind is such an easy solution, but it is so often overlooked. 

Even if a client is a terrible artist, at least you can get a general sense of what the client wants. Even a rough sketch is far better than nothing because it gives you an overall picture. 

I think that the student who presented this covered this topic really well. A lot of what I just spoke about were addressed and he was well spoken. I think he went into enough depth and he was interesting to listen to. Specifically, he talked about why it's important to ask your client to draw it, which was a good thing to mention. Overall, I enjoyed his presentation and it stuck out to me.